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Boston Pizza: The official restaurant of LiveDifferent.


Highlighting our Partnership

Boston Pizza Foundation is a Legacy Partner with LiveDifferent’s Canadian Youth Fund. Since 2009, their generosity has been fueling our programs and empowering the lives of youth all across Canada. Since 2011, hundreds of Boston Pizza employees and business partners have volunteered on a LiveDifferent Build in the Dominican Republic. They have helped provide safe housing for over 30 families, supported a school in Haiti along with two schools and a community kitchen project in the Dominican Republic.

“Boston Pizza Foundation partners with LiveDifferent because of the incredible people and the shared values we have with the organization. LiveDifferent inspires, empowers, and engages the next generation to be global citizens and to care for people more than stuff. BPF Future Prospects believes that strong role models inspire kids to be great and we partner with organizations that help, support, and guide youth to be all that they can be at home, in school, in their community, and in the world. Our partnership with LiveDifferent helps us as a company to give back in a real and tangible way, by inspiring the next generation of leaders to understand the importance and value they have in the world and their incredible ability to shape and change the world, one changed heart at a time.”

Cheryl Treliving - Chairwoman, Boston Pizza Foundation Future Prospects

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