Catalyst & The Alexander Family


Nurturing healthy organizations and healthy leaders to do great things.

Catalyst exists so that charities can be Healthy Organizations with Healthy Leaders. Their consulting, coaching, funding, and events exist so that organizations like ours can have a greater impact in the work that we do. Through our partnership with the Catalyst Foundation, they have brought 60 Canadian youth down to the Dominican Republic and Haiti on service-learning trips.

Since their beginnings in 2008, they have been intentionally learning how they can best serve charity leaders to be more effective at accomplishing meaningful results, while thriving in their roles.

Catalyst is able to provide leadership and strategic consulting to many organizations.

The Executive Director, Chris Wignall, has earned a reputation for insightful questions and a range of effective resources for lead staff, executive teams, emerging leaders, boards, and donor relations staff. His enthusiasm and optimism, combined with a direct and outcomes-oriented style.

Chris has served charities through personal mentoring, board reviews, strategic planning, mission clarification, narrative development, and team-building experiences. He is particularly interested in how human dynamics advance or hamper vision and the importance of clarity and alignment. He also served as the Chairman of the Board of LiveDifferent for several years.

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