CWB Financial Group

Investing in youth in Canada, from coast to coast.

LiveDifferent’s relationship with CWB Financial Group began with TE Wealth in 2016, where employees experienced their first Build in the Dominican Republic. Their generosity and desire to help others quickly led to an official partnership to support youth across Canada.

Not long after TE Wealth joined CWB Financial Group, connections were made, and we began discussing initiatives underway to empower youth. CWB’s focus on supporting inclusion and helping all Canadians thrive was a natural fit with our youth-development work and as a result, they are now proud to support our Canadian Youth Fund.

Through our partnership, we will be able to provide youth programming in schools, organizations, and Indigenous communities across Canada—motivating young people to believe that their lives have a purpose and empowering them to live a lifestyle of compassion and service.

Not only are we incredibly thankful for the opportunity to build on the strong, relational foundation with members of CWB, but they are excited to be moving forward in a partnership that is centred around caring for others.

CWB Financial Group is a chartered, full-service bank that offers business and personal banking solutions and expertise, along with an unwavering obsession with our client’s success. They offer customized financial solutions for over 35 years and operate with a clear focus on meeting the unique financial needs of business owners. Through their network of banking centres, business offices and mobile relationship teams, they help clients grow their businesses, manage their money and realize their financial potential.

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