Ginro Construction Inc. & The Gringras Family

Ginro Construction

Generously supporting our work through both volunteering and financial partnership.

Ginro Construction is a family-owned business. Started by Rob and Heather Gingras, Ginro has had a relationship with LiveDifferent since 2005. As significant monthly financial partners, Ginro Construction has also contributed financially and personally, working with us to build a school in Mexico. Rob and Heather have also both been regular, strategic volunteers and team hosts on various LiveDifferent humanitarian trips and endeavours. On top of their regular planned giving and personal engagement, Rob and Heather have also funded and participated in some of our most historic staff team-building events to date!

Their home has become a popular dinner spot for our staff and their hospitality has shown us, time and again, that they care about our people and our programs.

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