& Henry

For Gloria and Henry, success means giving back.

Encountering individuals with a strong and distinct sense of purpose such as the Friesens is a rare occurrence. Within a few minutes of meeting Henry, you’ll know what his motivations in life are all about.

“The most enriching part about growing a successful business is seeing how much we are able to give back to areas of need.” — Henry Friesen

If you spend an afternoon with Gloria and Henry, it’s like trying to keep up in a marathon they’ve been training for their whole lives. With a constant flow of new business ideas, innovations, and strategies all thrown at you in rapid succession, their minds are always at work; creating, building and refining.

Henry’s convictions about his purpose in life and his role in business are simple, “the more successful my business can be, the more good we can do. Money without purpose is useless.”

Henry continues, “We all have a place in the world, and none of us can do everything. It’s very important for me to link arms with charities like LiveDifferent so that they can go out and do what they do amazingly well.”

We are grateful for Gloria and Henry and are excited about all the great things we are able to accomplish together through their partnership with LiveDifferent.

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