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Helping bring restoration, hope and freedom to young girls in Haiti.

Grosso Hooper Law was founded in 2001 in the heart of Hamilton. With decades of legal experience in protecting and promoting victims’ rights, the team of specialized lawyers and staff have a well-earned reputation for helping victims get the justice they deserve. The entire team at Grosso Hooper Law has a caring approach and a flexible attitude in all that they do.

Grosso Hooper Law began its partnership with LiveDifferent in 2016. Known for their generosity, their commitments have led them to support various youth-focused initiatives and victims of human trafficking.

Grosso Hooper Law’s support for LiveDifferent’s Freedom Village project in Haiti—a transitional community for young girls who have been victims of exploitation—is in memory of Benjamin Cole Brown, who was the LiveDifferent staff member instrumental in beginning the work we do in Haiti. Grosso Hooper Law also helped bring the LiveDifferent With Love Gala to Hamilton in 2019.

Robert Hooper is an active volunteer with LiveDifferent, serving as a board member to help provide oversight, guidance, and support to the LiveDifferent team and operations.

As part of their donation commitment to LiveDifferent, the Grosso Hooper Law office building is also home to LiveDifferent’s regional office in Hamilton, ON.

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"Grosso Hooper Law partners with LiveDifferent to forward our care for Canadian youth and those in Mexico, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic.

The value added to a young person's life who gets to experience one of LiveDifferent’s programs is immeasurable. The young people involved in LiveDifferent programs will be the future and fabric of Canadian society and the support and guidance provided by LiveDifferent through various programs will equip the next generation to have success in whatever endeavour they undertake.

Having experienced a build in Mexico and being involved with the building of the Freedom Village has shown us the immense impact LiveDifferent has on communities in Mexico, Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

The dedication and passion shown by each and every staff member of LiveDifferent makes it easy to be a supporter of this organization. We feel privileged to be able to partner with LiveDifferent and watch as our contribution makes a tangible difference through the great efforts of LiveDifferent staff and programming."

Robert Hooper and Mary Grosso

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