The Ulrich Family

Jodi and Michael help nourish the children at Ecole L'Union through their support of the nutrition program.

We believe that the most positive impact comes from cultivating genuine relationships. These relationships extend from staff to partners, to community leaders, and all the people they touch.

Michael and Jodi’s journey with LiveDifferent is a great example of a partnership that began and continues through relationships.

They were first introduced to us when their friends, Mark and Katie Hess, had just returned home from a year of volunteering in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Over dinner, Mark and Katie were sharing about our school, Ecole L’Union, in Haiti. Intrigued, Jodi and Michael asked for an introduction.

In June 2018, Jodi and Michael came down to Haiti and met some of our ground staff, visited the school, and got the opportunity to help serve the daily meal to the students. After learning about the high rate of malnutrition and the need to feed these children while at school, they decided to support the meal program.

Their beautiful ethos and conviction to take care of our global neighbours is inspiring.

“We were both raised in families that put an emphasis on giving, and we would like to model that for our children. We feel it is part of our responsibility as human beings to look after others who need help to whatever degree we are able.”

When we asked them why they continue to partner with LiveDifferent, they let us know that trust is a big part of their decision.

“We love that we know exactly how our support is being used to help the people of Calvaire. We have trust in the staff and know how much they value our contributions.”

Michael and Jodi want to encourage others to get involved in causes that they care about.

“Reach out to leaders and understand more about the issue. From there you’ll discover a ton of opportunities, and you can choose to serve in the area you feel most passionate about.”

We are so thankful for Jodi and Michael, and for their commitment to the nutrition program at our school, Ecole L’Union, in Haiti. It is commitments like these that allow these children to not only survive, but to get the opportunity to chase after their dreams.

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