Paul Brandt Trucking & The Brandt Family

Paul Brandt Trucking Ltd.

Years of caring for our staff and supporting our work.

Kerry and his wife Barb had a dream of being a part of hope and change in a tangible way. In 2008, they joined LiveDifferent in Mexico for their first Build with their three kids.

Kerry is a co-owner of Paul Brandt Trucking, which is a family-run business, which was founded in 1971 by his father. The focus of the new company was hauling farm products into the USA and Western Canada. The company has been growing and expanding ever since and is currently owned and managed by Bill Brandt, Kerry Brandt and Tracy Brandt. The three brothers all grew up in the trucking industry, and are all sons of the founder.

Paul Brandt Trucking Ltd. have been supporting LiveDifferent financially since the beginning of the partnership. Not only have they personally been on LiveDifferent Builds, but other members of their family business have also become supporters.

The Brandt Family House is also home to many of our road teams that have presentations in the area, based out of Rosenort, Manitoba. They have been hosting teams since 2010 and often welcome more than one team a semester into their home. They now hold the record for hosting the most amount of LiveDifferent volunteers in their home. We appreciate the many ways that Paul Brandt Trucking contributes to LiveDifferent’s program development and staff support and care.

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