ServcoCanada &
The Samantha
Mason Foundation

Servco and The Samantha Mason Foundation

Partnering to bring hope and purpose to youth across Canada.

LiveDifferent's partnership with the Samantha Mason Foundation.

ServcoCanada and the Samantha Mason Foundation are Mentoring Partners with LiveDifferent.

The relationship between the Mason family and LiveDifferent began in 2012 with a Build in the Dominican Republic and a short visit to Haiti. In May 2015, tragically, Samantha Mason’s life came to an abrupt end. The Samantha Mason Foundation was formed in her memory to ensure that the generous, caring, and kind character of Samantha is celebrated and shared with other youth.

ServcoCanada and the Samantha Mason Foundation contribute to LiveDifferent’s Canadian Youth Fund, which inspires hope and purpose in youth all across Canada. ServcoCanada and the Samantha Mason Foundation have been a driving force in helping LiveDifferent’s youth programs reach remote Indigenous communities across Canada and have also been a huge support for the work LiveDifferent does in Haiti.


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