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About the Live Different Academy

The Academy is for individuals looking for an experience unlike anything else. Through 13 weeks of being fully immersed in beautiful Mexican culture, you’ll learn a ton about the lives of others and even more about yourself in the process. Surrounded by like-minded people, you’ll be challenged and supported as you grow and take part in new experiences while caring for others. And when you leave, you and the lives of local families and communities will never be the same. 


Volunteer with neighbouring families and in the local community.

Study Spanish

Being fully immersed in the culture, you’ll study Spanish and spend time with a local host family once a week.


While you’re here, you’ll check out volcanoes, beaches, and local cultural attractions.


On top of volunteering, you’ll work to complete a building project alongside the community.

A Week in the Life

You’ll experience a ‘Week in the Life’ of a Mexican migrant worker and become familiar with the tough decisions they face daily—from housing to food and everything in between. 

Study Social Justice

You’ll spend time studying social justice and international development. 

On this cross-cultural adventure, you’ll take part in experiences that will grow you as a person and help you understand poverty in a way that you can’t learn any other way.

Meet our team in Mexico

You might be curious as to who you’ll meet when you’re down in Mexico. We would be too. While you’ll cross paths with several different people during your time with us, we’d like to introduce you to you’re constants. These awesome people will be who you’ll be spending most of your time with.

Welcome to the Baja

Our residence is nestled in rural Mexico, about 30 minutes from the beach. It is here where you’ll experience family-style living—with shared meals, games, and internet. You’re just a short walk away from a local store for snacks and close to public transportation, giving you access to a local coffee shops markets, and taco stands. (If you’re into those sorts of things.)

The Baja is dry, so expect hot days and cool nights. Unlike a tourist-filled vacation spot, you’ll be introduced to (and become part of) the community. Each week, you’ll spend time with local families and sharing meals together which helps deepen your understanding (and your Spanish). It’s home away from home!

A peek at our 2019 Schedule

September 9th – Fly to San Diego, CA (Airport Code: SAN)
September 10th – Drive to Vicente Guerrero, Baja California, Mexico.
Week 1– Orientation
Weeks 2 – Spanish Classes and meet host families **
Weeks 3-5 – Volunteering and coursework
Week 6 – Live Different Build Project
Week 7-9 – Volunteering and coursework
Week 10 – Week in the Life experience
Week 11 – 12 – Volunteering and coursework
Week 13 – Travel/Debrief
December 8th – All students fly home from San Diego, CA
*Saturdays are considered excursion days, Sundays are OFF (Subject to change)
** Spanish and weekly visits with host families are on-going
Quick note: The schedule may change from year to year and even during the Academy.

Live Different Academy was the best choice I ever made in my entire life. I believe in Live Different because it has shaped me into the person I have always dreamed to be.

LisaFormer Academy Student

The Academy is an awesome program and it is something that everyone should experience. The experiences and learning that you get is crazy and life-changing. This program changes you as a person for the better.

GraceFormer Academy Student

Live Different Academy made me realize that I have potential beyond measure, and my personal story is the most powerful tool I will ever possess. Academy was a push in the right direction at times, and it was a reassuring hug telling me I’m doing the right thing when I needed it.

BrittanyFormer Academy Student

How much does Academy typically cost?

Academy tuition

$ 3,245

Due Aug 1stThis portion covers everything that benefits you personally, like the curriculum, food and accommodations.

Charitable Project Costs

$ 3,250

Due Aug 1st

This part is used to help others. As a result, we’re able to issue tax receipts for funds raised.

Total Cost

$ 6,495

The total cost for Academy in 2019 is $6,495.

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