Home Will Never Be The Same

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This week has definitely been one of ups and downs and many contrasts.  But one thing is for certain, each and every one of our academy girls have embraced this week for all that it’s worth.  Although this whole experience is a simulation, they have shown nothing less than grace, and perseverance.   The end of Day 7 is drawing near, and I’m sure that as soon as they are all back in their comfy, warm house, our girls will be updating their facebook statuses and writing blogs about what this week has meant to them personally.  So for now, here is a small preview of what they have been living and what has been in their hearts and on their minds the last 6 days:

“We worked in the fields again today, picking raspberries once again.  The morning went well, I definitely got better since yesterday.  For lunch we had hard-boiled eggs and pancakes again, and Santi gave us each two burritos!! So great!  After eating, Heather, Meagan, and I talked to a fifteen year old girl named Marta.  She was very sweet.  It’s her week off from school so she was working for the week to bring in some extra money.  She told us that she wanted to become a doctor or a psychologist and asked us what we wanted to be too.”

– Jordyn

“Early in the morning, around 4:00am we were all woken up to the sound of rain.  It was a light rain so Chels and Meagan covered the firewood and brought in the dishes.  We decided to go back to bed since it wasn’t raining very much but we were woken up again at 6:00am.  It was a lot more rain than the first time and our roof started to leak.  There was a good 5 minutes of panic as all of us threw our stuff into bags, trying to keep everything dry.  We also put bowls in the shack where it was leaking and bailed out the roof.  It was a very eventful morning.”

– Taylor

“It was a moonless sky with an amazing infinity of stars.  It got me in the perfect mindset because it was cold and I was secretly dreading clamming.  It was really cold and we were all bundled up.  We had to change into our shorts and T-shirts from our pants and multiple sweaters.  The ground and air were freezing, the water felt warm in comparison.  I actually loved clamming.  I got 5ish clams in one spot and a total of 18 at the other spot.  It’s great because my goal was 5 clams.  I got 1.5 dozens!  So proud.”

– Meagan

“I don’t know how to explain this all to people, if it’s even possible.  And then what to do about it.  What to change or alter in my life.  I think as a sum up, it was hard work but so amazing and fun and totally worth it.  Such a great learning experience.  It really opened my eyes to how others live.  How hard it is, but also how they’re happy.  I saw all the differences but also the similarities.  I can survive a week but couldn’t have without my family (these girls)  and will have such a greater appreciation for all I am blessed with.”


“Trying to budget our money and come up with affordable meals that are filling while also budgeting for daily expenses and surprise payments is tough.  Also, although I am enjoying this week and am determined to get the most of it I can feel my body wearing down as each day passes.  Which is crazy because it’s only been 3 days, nowhere near a lifetime of this.  Shout-out to all of the girls for keeping such positive attitudes and energies and helping make this experience so much better and enjoyable.”

– Tianna

“I worked by myself today which was nice because I had lots of thinking time.  Thought about the fact that this is day 6.  Where did the time go?  I have this insane new found appreciation for so much.  I saved a rock from today for a reminder of this week.  About how thankful I am for food, clothes, a shower etc.  To have the ability to have a good paying job.  I have mixed feelings on the week coming to an end.  I’m going to miss aspects of it.  Like the fact of how generous and caring our community is. We were looking at bread prices at the store, but didn’t buy any and the next thing you know, the store owner shows up asking if they can give us bread.  I love the warmth of the people here. I also love how hardworking we’ve all been this week.  Our spirits were constantly high and we’re always trying our hardest.  I can’t believe we got 17 buckets of rocks today!  We worked hard and all have something to be proud of and to remember.”

– Chelsea

– LiveDifferent Academy Students, Spring 2014

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: April 29th, 2014