What is Freedom Village? The Freedom Village offers a safe home for girls who have experienced abuse through Haiti's Restavek system. With your generous support, these girls can receive the education, counselling and care they need to find hope and healing for a brighter future. We invite you to play a part in the restoration and healing of girls who have experienced extremely abusive pasts. With your help, they can ascend the hill and find a safe place to heal, grow, and flourish.


Love and healing


Freedom Village

Home safe home

The Freedom Village will provide a safe, home environment for girls who need to heal. Up to thirty girls will finally know what it feels like to stay with someone who cares about them and will have access to education, counsellors, life-skills training, and the support needed to thrive.

What fundamental human need does your Freedom Village donation support?

The need to be loved

Each morning in Haiti, children wake up and face another day without hope. They labour away on chores for families that will never accept them as one of their own and do not know what it feels like to be loved—all because they are Restaveks. For these children, the journey that leads them to pain and suffering follows a familiar path.

On the side of a mountain, just outside of Cap-Haïtien, a new path is being created, and it looks bright.


Our progress

Raised $2,554,897.05
Goal $2,567,896.77

Join us in bringing hope to the Calviare Community

In order to allocate as much of your donated dollars to the school as we can, and avoid putting extra strain on our teachers and school staff, we have chosen not to use the typical model in which you are paired with a specific child. Instead, we will send regular updates on the school and individual children to all Freedom Village sponsors as a group.

This project is in honour of Benjamin Cole Brown and his commitment to the country of Haiti. The last message he posted on social media was this picture with the simple caption “#love”, a beautiful snapshot of how Benjamin viewed the world.

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