Imagine the lessons you can teach when the world is your classroom

It's about growth, experiential learning and making a difference.

Here's what you can expect on a Build.

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In 10 days, you'll change a family's life by working alongside them to build a home in Mexico, the Dominican Republic or Thailand, and be changed in the process.

Build a home

Your group will construct an actual house. By working alongside the family and local contractors, you’ll witness the fruits of your sweaty labour and see the difference you have made together.

Strengthen communities

As the family enters their safe, new home for the first time, you can celebrate knowing that as their lives improve, the whole community is becoming stronger.

Deep connections

Sometime between arrival and the time they celebrate the finished house, the students will have formed some pretty meaningful relationships. We can’t tell you when exactly it happens, but it always does.

Safe, positive environment

Builds are the perfect place to learn and play. Beyond the logistics that make our trips safe, it’s an environment where students are encouraged to get messy, try new things, and share their thoughts.

See the impact for yourself with Seycove Secondary's Build

The hands-on aspect of a LiveDifferent Build was just AWESOME for my Social Justice students.
- Andrea Yeo, Teacher at Seycove Secondary

Hands up if you think learning should be fun?

Here's an overview of our Academy Program.

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The Academy takes students to Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and Haiti to volunteer, explore, and learn more about themselves in the process.


Students spend time volunteering on various local projects and learn about the work of other organizations serving the communities in Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

Study Spanish

Being fully immersed in the culture, students study Spanish and spend time with a local host family once a week.


During this experience, students explore dormant volcanoes, beaches, local cultural attractions and historical sites.


On top of volunteering, students will complete local projects alongside community members.

Week in the life

Students will gain perspective and a deeper understanding as they experience what life can be like when all you have access to is a low-paying job.


Students will learn about social justice issues and work on developing yourself through a mixture of class time, experiences, and mentoring.

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