Our Mission

Help your students discover compassion and purpose in ways that speak to them.

LiveDifferent is a movement that celebrates caring for people. The belief that a vibrant life comes from showing compassion—first to yourself and then to others—is at the foundation of everything we do.

We empower youth with programming that focuses on:

Programs We Offer

Peer Mentorship and Community Building

Create meaningful connections and inspire students to take action through our groundbreaking program, LiveDifferent Circles. With six engaging video episodes that unpack core values, Circles can be used flexibly across schools or organizations as a powerful peer-mentorship initiative, or to strengthen relationships within individual classrooms or groups.

School Tours

Motivate and engage your school or community with our team of young speakers and role models. From workshops that encourage growth and development, to sixty-minute presentations that spark conversations around key values, we’ve got something for everyone.

Online Assemblies

Encourage and uplift your students by hosting a live, interactive virtual assembly. Bring up to 1,000 people together online, or broadcast directly into classrooms, to explore important values and mindsets in an interactive and impactful experience.

Service Learning

Take the lessons out of the classroom and into the world. A LiveDifferent Build is an immersive, life-changing, service learning trip where your group will discover complex topics, take part in practical solutions, and engage in ways you will never forget.


Our Philosophy

We would love to learn about your school or group, and explore how we can work together to impact and empower youth.

History and Impact

We’ve reached over 1.6M students from over 3,800 schools and communities.

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The world needs each of us to embrace a lifestyle that cares for others.

This message—that it's important to take care of people—is one that we bring everywhere we go, and is one that we believe is being well received.


of youth reported an increased understanding of empathy


of youth had an increased awareness of the impact of actions/social responsibility


of youth reported feeling better able to identify peers facing trouble or sadness


of youth reported being more inclined to listen or help a friend

Our Work With Indigenous Communities

In 2017, we expanded in order to serve students from Indigenous and remote northern communities. Over two days, our diverse team of Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth role models run engaging programs, share personal stories, foster connections, and provide hope for the future.

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Our school and community programming is made possible by:

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