4 Reasons to book your Hero Holiday before Dec 31st

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Here are 4 reasons to register online for a Hero Holiday before December 31

1. Reserve your spot – some trips are filling quickly! Register online and pay* your initial $300 to secure a spot on your selected trip. Good news: You are now able to both apply AND donate online for Hero Holiday trips!

2. Early-bird pricing*. With increasing travel costs, there is a possibility that prices* for trips could be slightly increased in 2012. As soon as you register and send your initial $300, current pricing* will be honoured. This pricing* offer is good until December 31, 2011.

3. Don’t miss 2011 Tax Refunds! Apply now so you can start fundraising before year-end – or request donations instead of Christmas gifts. Anyone that donates before December 31 will receive a tax receipt they can claim on their 2011 taxes. For example, if a donor gives $2000 before Dec 31, they could get back about a $1000 refund in income taxes as early as the middle of March (and then they will have more money to donate again  )

4. Because there is no experience out there like a Hero Holiday! Simply put, we have the best experience AND the lowest price*. Hundreds of volunteers complete our exit survey at the end of their Hero Holiday experience and 100% of those same volunteers have told us through that survey that they would recommend their Hero Holiday trip to others! Many volunteer travel companies exist for profit – but we are not a travel company. We are a registered non-profit charitable organization providing sustainable, tangible projects meeting real needs (ex. building homes for families) while giving volunteers the highest quality and most life changing experience possible.


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  • By “price” we really mean the “minimum individual fundraising goal” for each trip, as Hero Holiday is a charitable volunteer program, and not a consumer/for-profit travel service.

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: November 19th, 2011