7 ways to lift people up during Kindness Week

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In Canada, the third week in February is known as Kindness Week—a time when people are encouraged to make some sort of declaration of kindness and charity.

So in the spirit of kindness, we’ve compiled a list of challenges for you to do each day in your school or community to help spread more kindness.

Day 1: Help someone feel seen

When we take the time to show people they’re valued, we can make a profound impact, and it all starts with one small word of kindness.

Your mission: Think of a person in your life who should be thanked for what they do, find them and thank them!

You can call, text, email or better yet, reach out for an in-person get-together. At the end of the day, the important thing is that you’ve shown this person how much you appreciate them.

Day 2: Clean up

Helping to create a warm and welcoming space is a great way to show someone you care.

Your mental health is greatly affected by your environment, so taking the time to make sure that a space is clean and tidy can have a positive effect for those interacting within this space.

Your mission: Clean up! Pick up some trash, do the dishes or help tidy up a common room that you share with others, like your classroom, cafeteria or library. You can even take this task outdoors and show some kindness to the environment.

Day 3: Hand out high-fives

Research shows that teammates who high-five during a game are more likely to be successful.

That’s because the high five is generally programmed in your brain as a positive experience. It’s even been proven to be more effective than words of affirmation to encourage and lift others up.

Your mission: Find ten people and give them each a high five!

Day 4: Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes

We’ve all heard this expression, right?

Well, that’s what empathy is—it’s understanding someone else’s experience so much that you can actually imagine having that experience for yourself.

You’re mission: Strike up a conversation with someone outside of your circle.

It could be a volunteer, a new teammate or someone from a different grade. Simply take the opportunity to connect and try to see the world from their perspective.

Day 5: Give a small gift

Think back to a specific time when someone went out of their way to let you know they were thinking of you. How did you feel?

When we do small things to show someone we’re thinking of them, they often feel seen, valued and cared for.

Your mission: Gift someone a small token of your appreciation.

You could bake them their favourite treat, lend them one of your video games, or make them a care package to help them study for a big test (filled with pens, flashcards, snacks and more!). The trick here is to think of something this person would want to receive, and give it to them.

Day 6: Volunteer for a passion project

There’s always a reason for your passions.

Whether it’s taking care of animals, creating beautiful music or simply having meaningful conversations, your passions help you understand your purpose. And these callings have the power to transform both you and your community.

Your mission: Volunteer for a cause that you think is important.

Go online, take a look around your community, and plan some time when you can get involved. It could be as simple as fundraising for this cause, volunteering directly or donating items to support their mission.

Day 7: Offer to help

There’s never a shortage of people to help in the world. Sometimes you just need to think outside the box.

You could help carry someone’s groceries to their car, offer to babysit for a family member, change someone’s tire, visit with the elderly, help your siblings with their homework, walk your neighbour’s dog, or even share this list with others.

Your mission: Find five people who need help and give it to them!

Do you have more suggestions?

Kindness can be shown in small ways like those listed above or in big ways like joining a humanitarian build in another country.

No matter how big or small, each time you show kindness to another human being, you’re creating a ripple effect that can be felt throughout generations.

What other acts of kindness can you think of? Drop them in the comments section below.

Thank you to our partners at Boston Pizza for supporting this initiative.

Author: Gina Alward

Date: April 17th, 2023