Absolute in 2008 – Video

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In 2008, we were a part of some incredible moments! Together, we were a part of life-changing projects, opportunities, and memories. Through our High School Assemblies Program (Think Day), we saw hope come alive and we were able to spread the word on how we can all be a part of change in our world as we did over 340 presentations in schools across Canada. Through Hero Holiday, we worked alongside of  600 students and adults who participated in one of our 14 trips. Each of us came on Hero Holiday to accomplish change and inspire hope in communities in Mexico, Dominican Republic and Thailand. Together, in 2008, we built 20 homes in Mexico, completed one school and worked on two others in Dominican Republic, worked on a Children’s Home in Thailand for victims of child prostitution and exploitation, and we brought food, clothing, supplies, hope and dignity to many children, families, and communities in these countries.  We even managed to release our first book, One: A Face Behind the Numbers. It has definitely been a busy year in LiveDifferent (formerly Absolute)!2008 has also been a year of incredible events in our nation and around the globe. We live in a world of change, and while change may be inevitable, that does not mean that we need to give up and forget about those who need us the most. We can each play a part in restoring hope and building a future for those who don’t seem to have much hope for a future. Because of all that we have experienced together, we truly believe that hope can change everything, and we have been a part of that change. However, the truth is that we cannot continue to do this without you. We need you to help us move forward. The children and the families in the communities we work in need us to continue to push forward to bring change.Check out this AMAZING REMINDER of all that we have accomplished together this past year!

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2008 – Year Review VideoLiveDifferent (formerly Absolute) truly needs your partnership. We are unable to do this without you. Without financial partnership, our programs and projects would not be able to reach the Canadian High School students that we do, nor would we be able to host our Hero Holidays, build our projects, or reach the communities that we currently operate in.  Without your help, we would not be able to continue to see lives changed, hope realized, and history being made. Would you please consider helping us for the year ahead? We cannot do this without you.We are looking for people, just like you, to commit to $10, $20 per month or more. A little goes a long way, and with a little you can help to make a HUGE difference.For more information on how you can partner with us, contact our office at 1(866) 432 4464. As well, you can donate online through our paypal account. Just go to our donation page at /donate and follow the link.We look forward to what we will accomplish together in 2009!

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: December 30th, 2008