Alicia’s Story – I raised every single dollar!

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“My first Hero Holiday trip was to the Dominican Republic in 2008. I was in grade ten, and I realized that I wanted more in life than facades of happiness, technological distractions, and self-indulgence: I wanted tobe the change however I could. I was a shy child from a low-income, single parent household, so walking into my first Hero Holiday to be greeted with a grand smile and warm introduction made all the difference. The group worked to plan fundraising projects where youth and their families could get involved to raise hundreds of dollars at a time. As an outsider in my school it felt wonderful to finally feel as if I was a fundamental part of a group, and I came to realize that every time I signed up to raise money I was getting exponentially closer to my goal. I raised every single dollar to go on the Dominican Republic trip.
My second Hero Holiday trip was to Mexico in 2009. After getting back from the Dominican Republic I knewthat I had to continue to participate in the future. I knew that between the Time Horton Coffees, and school shopping I had to make room for the greater good. For the Mexico trip I had a little more experience, because even the fundraising for Dominican gave me life skills. I said goodbye to my reserved personality, and decided to go out, sit down to meetings, and actual pitch my fundraising quest to influential people and business’. A teacher of mine who had raised the money for Hero Holiday before actually sent me one thousand dollars towards my cause! Once again, I had been able to raise the money to travel with the organization.
I can sincerely say that the easiest part about Hero Holiday is the fundraising, team-oriented events, and mentoring of the leaders.
Yet the hardest part is coming home.
Now, I’m in my grade 12 year, turning eighteen, and raising the money to go off the Haiti on their adult trip in May. For my third year I’ve been subject to grand smiles and warm welcomes. Once again I’m getting exponentially closer to my goal.”

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: March 22nd, 2010