All that we expected and more

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So far, our LiveDifferent experience has been all that we had expected and more. Today was our last day working towards building the house, and it was really rewarding seeing it come together. Having the chance to work along side the family during the past five days has been humbling, especially since we get to see first hand how truly grateful they are.

An important part of our trip is something we call ‘’Day in The Life’’. It is a day where we get to spend time with a family, help them with everyday chores, cook a meal, and learn about their struggles and triumphs throughout their lives. We both got the opportunity to take part in this, and met two amazing families that graciously welcomed us into their homes.

What shocked us both was how much poverty affected their everyday living conditions. The furnishing in their home were in disrepair, and not adequate for their growing family. Cleaning and food preparation were also difficult for us to maneuver, as the small kitchen was quite crowded with the very basic amount of appliances and counter space they had. Both these families weren’t blessed with many material possessions; however, they placed importance on ‘’people rather than stuff’’. This quote is proudly written on many of the LiveDifferent t-shirts, and we have learned to understand and love it. 

Tonight we had a special team dinner on the beach, where all the volunteers, interns, and leaders of our work team got the chance to have a fun evening getting to know each other better. Despite the different ages, we we’re surprised at how much we all had in common. The people we met on this trip were all very special, and we are grateful to have been part of such a great group. 

– Joelle and Tori, LiveDifferent Trip Volunteers, Dominican Republic, 2014

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: July 18th, 2014