Bienvenidos a Vicente Guerrero!

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Hello everyone! We have arrived at our destination. What a beautiful drive down the Pacific coast through the mountains. We stopped to take some pictures along the way.

IMGP0369 IMGP0365


Our amazing team!


We are staying at Posada Don Diego campground. “Roughing it” for the next little while! It’ll toughen us all up a bit 😉 Luckily for us, the tents were already set up for us in a cute, cosy little semi-circle.

IMGP0374 IMGP0376

So all we had to do was move right in!


Meals for the participants are in the restaurant on-site. Irene is a great cook. We’re going to be well-fed, that is for sure!

IMGP0380 IMGP0378

Right now, it’s orientation time. Looking forward to a great trip. Family and friends, make sure you remember to leave messages under the “Messages” section. I’ll be printing them off for everyone to read. When leaving messages, they will not show up right away because they will be put in a queue for approval before being posted.

Good night everyone! We’ll talk again tomorrow.

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: August 5th, 2007