Boston Pizza Final Day – Happiness and Bright, Cheerful Paint!

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Today we were so excited to go back to the homes we worked on, as after we leave every day the contractors work on the houses for about 3 more hours and we never know what they will have accomplished in our absence. This was our final day to work on the houses and we knew that we would be painting … the families had picked the colours of the outside and inside of the houses the day before and once we got there it was like opening a present to see the colours that we would painting the walls. All the colours in the Dominican are so bright and cheerful so we couldn’t wait to see the beautiful colours that would put the finishing touch on their home.Starting the day we filled up our water bottles, loaded up our backpacks, and jumped on the truck for the ride to Augas Negras. When we arrived we checked out the progress that had been made on the homes – once again we were amazed at how much was accomplished … the houses were ready to be painted! We each went into our homes and discovered the paint cans waiting to be opened, the brushes, rollers and trays. Before we could get started we had to sand down the walls… we were given a quick demonstration – go out and find a rock or piece of cement that is flat and in a circular motion go over everything that is going to be painted – who knew you could use cement to sand cement? 292700_10150270159165326_95760375325_7852896_6711072_n.jpgNext – how to open the paint cans? We were handed a nail – and to our surprise it worked perfectly! With no stir sticks it was important to shake the can before we opened it. Since the floors were already finished and painted – we asked about drop cloths – this brought a smile to their face and we were told to look for cardboard, cement bags or plastic out and about the job site that we could use… and it is amazing at how creative you can be when needed, and it works out just fine. When we did get any paint on the floor it was important to wipe it up right away…from house two there was frequent cries for “Michelle” to come running with the sponge and water to clean up yet another paint drop on the floor!295029_10150271503440326_95760375325_7867670_8326078_n.jpgThroughout the day the crowds at the worksite increased…everyone was so excited to see the final product. The daughter that is going to live in one of the homes with her Mom and younger brother kept coming in the house and talking to her friends through the windows. She helped by holding the paint can and kept saying “Gracias” – she is so happy. Her family will live in this house – two rooms plus a bathroom – in total the house is about 20′ x 15′ – and they couldn’t be happier!185323_10150270154060326_95760375325_7852819_6312027_n.jpgThe day went by so fast, and before we knew it, it was time to pack up and leave. We were so close to being done – two coats on all the walls and the outside of the house. What a transformation! the bright colours made such a difference…these buildings were now homes and ready to be moved into. None of us wanted to leave until the job was done, yet off we went, trusting that the contractors would finish the job just like they had done all week.Tomorrow we will be furnishing the homes, dedicating them to the families and celebrating with the community – what an amazing day it will be!Jacquie & Kathie

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: August 15th, 2011