Boston Pizza’s LiveDifferent Hero Holiday Round #2

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Well I am blessed to be on Boston Pizza’s LiveDifferent Hero Holiday round 2. On top of that, given the opportunity to write a blog on my first day returning to the communities I was able to bring a difference to a year ago was amazing. So this is my attempt at giving my feelings and emotions the justice they deserve.

I started my day earlier than needed with breakfast and a walk down the beach with a good friend, anticipating the journey I was about to embark on. I knew I was about to see some things I had seen before, but what I hadn’t prepared myself for was how differently I would see them. The reason I say this is because I didn’t realize how comfortable I had become with the people of LiveDifferent, other volunteers, the communities, and my overall surroundings; I guess you could say this feels like a second home to me.
So we met in the lobby at 10:00am, and I felt like, “wow I can’t believe it has been a whole year since the last time I climbed up onto one of these trucks; no windows or doors, just some benches with a roof, and plastic sides. Feeling the wind and any possible bump on the road, sitting side by side with other people just like me.” But surprisingly it was the same feeling again, so I climb into the back of the bus and wait for the day to begin.
Our first stop is La Union, the town where last year we had children climbing all over us and the men having races with boys high on their shoulders – this year was no different. The only part that was different was the amount of time it took those children to get on our shoulders. I can’t explain how much it felt like I had been here only yesterday. Today though, for whatever reason it may have been, it was harder for me to let go and get back on the trucks.
Arroyo Seco was our next stop, and the first man we saw had the biggest smile on his face, Pastor Garcia. We were able to sit down in the school that was built for his community and listen to him as he told us his story. His story hit me so hard this year, the fact that all the man had was faith and a dream, and he was able to not only see a two-story school built, but he made a food plan and was able to give the children in the community an education. I teared up while he was speaking because I too have a dream and so much more opportunity. It finally hit me that I have nothing holding me back or stopping me!
Our last stop of the day was Aguas Negra. Cole, LiveDifferent’s Program Manager, had told me how different it looked and how different the community was as a whole. The roads have been paved, and as we drove through Aguas Negra, we were able to drive deeper into the community than we did last year. Cole was exactly right and I was so excited and proud for them. We got to see the new houses we were going to build and all of the emotions came flooding back from last year. Again it felt like we were here only yesterday.
I must say the first day was very surreal for me, I know it has been a year, but I really can’t get over the fact that it felt like we never left. I can’t wait to continue my second journey with LiveDifferent, as well as the Boston Pizza Foundation.
-Devon, LiveDifferent Hero Holiday Volunteer, Boston Pizza Foundation 2012

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: August 12th, 2012