Carlos & Me

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I loved watching him talk in his native language. He had so much to say and a mind full of endless potential. If only he had the opportunity. For Carlos school is not guaranteed, and even if he graduates high school he will continue to work in the fields with his brother. He tells me he loves the peacefulness of his country, the beautiful mountains surrounding his warm community. It’s amazing how the community works as a family. Eager to help out on the house in any way they can. We close the interview with a hug and a smile. I can see clearly that we have connected and have become amigos. carlos-and-i.jpg


Later in the afternoon the translator Angelina informs me that he wants me to meet his family. As soon as the words leave her lips a huge smile explodes on my face that just won’t diminish. It fills my heart and I grow anxious. But the working day ends too fast and I’ll just have to wait till the next day.

That night I try to share my excitement but it’s too hard to explain and I can’t captivate my feelings. I am anxious and nervous but I sleep through till the next morning.  

Finally, on the work site the next day I meet up with Carlos. He brings me to his house which is made up of cardboard, a dirt floor, and a sheet to cover the door. I am so honoured to be welcomed into their home. His family gives me warm smiles. I meet his sister, his mother and father and his father says that whenever I visit Mexico again, his home is my home. A tear of happiness forms in my eyes. It warms my heart that he can let me into his family without barley meeting him. He has such trust and love. I hand Carlos a drawing of me and him playing soccer. He smiles and shows his family. I feel that I have made a positive impact on his life but he will never know how much he has changed mine. Thank you Carlos, thank you Mexico, thank you Hero Holiday, you’ve changed my life.


Small summary of Hero Holiday from me:

Hero holiday doesn’t end when you hit the border in Canada; it’s a life changing experience that never runs out. You end up seeing the world in a whole new way. The walls that hide poverty are knocked down, and replaced with walls that house a deserving family. Layers that cover your confidence are peeled away, and replaced by layers of knowledge. Down in Mexico we have created everlasting friendships, but a special, rare friendship called family.


Hailey Withers

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: August 31st, 2010