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picture-12.pngHello! 2009 is coming to a close, and for us here at LiveDifferent (formerly Absolute), it has been an incredible year of growth, change and warm memories. Through the course of our year we have spoken to hundreds of thousands of Canadian youth through our Think Day presentations and have had over 450 participants join us on our Hero Holiday trips around the world. Cory was one of the students that joined us in Mexico on Hero Holiday this year, and his story reminds me of why we do what we do.When he was 13, Cory’s dad was killed in a tragic accident. Lost and hurting, Cory began to drift and alienate himself from his family and friends, falling into the abyss of alcohol and drug abuse. When he was 16, in desperation Cory’s mom talked him into joining LiveDifferent (formerly Absolute) on a Hero Holiday to Mexico for his spring break. He reluctantly agreed, not yet fully understanding what was about to happen.Mexican Home (before)As fate would have it, Cory ended up with a team that built a house for an incredible Mexican family. They were able to move from a shelter of tarpaulins, sticks, and cardboard, and were put into a beautiful new home with clean beds, warm blankets, and a dignity that comes with knowing you are safe. But this family had one thing in common with Cory that he wasn’t counting on: this family had recently lost their dad in an accident as well. As Cory stood outside their house that day, helping to present them with the keys to their new home that he had personally helped to construct, something changed in him. Hope took on a new perspective. Cory’s eyes were opened to what life can look like and to what he can be a part of. That day as that family was lifted out of some of the acute pains of poverty, Cory Mexican House Buildreturned to Canada with a new resolve: to be a part of the change that can happen here at home. Today, Cory is a student in LiveDifferent (formerly Absolute)’s School of Leadership, traveling across Canada and sharing his experience to hundreds of thousands of Canadian youth, telling them that there is a hope and greater purpose to live for. Today, that Mexican family is still safe in their home, and still moving forward to build a better future.Cory’s story reminds me that together, change is possible. LiveDifferent (formerly Absolute) is committed to bringing hope to a generation and helping them to realize the incredible power of their lives. This is only possible because of financial donors such as yourself. …. (continued on other side)This holiday season, would you consider partnering with us to help us build more homes for families such as this one and help us to reach more “Corys” that are the future of our nation?

  • Your one time gift of $50 or $100 can help us to continue to commit to building safe, efficient homes for the families that desperately need it most. In the year ahead, with the help of our financial partners, we are hoping to reach many more students like Cory and build many more houses for families such as this one.
  • Would you consider a one time donation to our 2009 campaign in the name of a family or friend? The recipient of your gift will receive a post project report showing them the impact of their gift and you will receive a tax receipt for that you can apply to your 2009 tax return.
  • At the LiveDifferent (formerly Absolute) office we have recently launched a monthly partners program. A monthly contribution of $20, $30 or $50 is all that it takes to help us to continue to provide a safe and happy home for a family in need. Monthly partnership helps us to use each dollar to its maximum effectiveness throughout the year. To become a monthly partner, download our pdf form by clicking here, or sign up faster online by clicking here.
  • Please help us end the decade on a high note! Consider joining us on a Hero Holiday in the year ahead. For more information go to

Cory talking to studentsLiveDifferent (formerly Absolute) has a unique approach to bringing hope and change to our global community, and our financial donors can be assured of the value of their contribution. Every dollar that is donated is essentially used for double effectiveness: the impact can be seen both here at home in a generation that is given hope, perspective, and life direction, and globally as we help to bring hope to the developing world through the houses and schools that we build for those who cannot do it themselves.Speaking in an assemblyLike many other Canadian charities, we are dependant on our donors. We can’t do this alone, nor do we want to. But in LiveDifferent (formerly Absolute), we truly believe that we are in this together, and that we need each other to succeed. This Christmas, please consider joining with us to make a difference and to give the gift of hope in a tangible way.Thanks for your time. I hope you have an amazing 2010!To donate, go to www.LiveDifferent (formerly Absolute).org/donate or call our office at (866) 432 4464.Christal EarleCo-founder, LiveDifferent (formerly Absolute)I’d love to hear from you or answer any questions. Email me at: christal@Live Different (formerly Absolute).org

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: December 4th, 2009