Christmas in Mexico x 2

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We are so excited to be back for Werx-The Sequel…back to Mexico!!!! Throughout the year we have been living in the moments of last year’s Christmas trip…reliving our highlights…thinking about the people who touched our hearts and changed our lives. So, it is no surprise to us that we can’t help ourselves…we are going back for ‘the Sequel’!!! We can’t imagine not being in Mexico for Christmas and we are so thrilled for the amazing support we have gotten from our families and friends. We are so excited about how amazing our team is… Kerry & Barb Brandt, Jackson, Savannah, and Ashton, and Danae Plett are coming back for more…just too many awesome memories from ’08 that we can’t imagine missing in ’09 (the people, the work, the dogs, the fireworks)…and then we are very excited to have some new people join the Werx team…Brad and Kathryn Penner and their children, Riley, Zach, and Hannah as well as Kyle Parkinson (a ‘friend’ of Danae’s). The days can’t go by fast enough in between now and Saturday…we can’t wait to get into our 15 passenger van and head south for a 50 hour road trip!!!! Our hearts are already there…

Here are some things we are looking forward to…

  • Hannah…I am looking forward to meeting the family…climbing the volcano…building the house…and moving the furniture into the house!!
  • Riley…I am excited about building the house.
  • Zach…I am excited about being able to build a house for the family.
  • Brad…I am excited to be a part of this group as we bring joy, happiness, and peace to the family in Mexico as we build them a new home. I am also looking forward to building stronger relationships with the group.
  • Kathryn…I am very excited to meet the family! I am looking forward to loving this family and everyone else we will meet on this trip.
  • Savannah…I cannot wait to make a difference in these people’s lives and see the change that we can be in the world!
  • Ashton…I’m excited about tons of stuff….driving down to San Diego, building the house, meeting the family, climbing the volcano, seeing our family from last year, seeing Santiago, Roberto and Charles and his family again, meeting the 4 girls that are joining us in Mexico… etc.
  • Jackson…I’m excited for another adventure…I am excited to meet new people…to have a long-lasting impact on the family…to utilize my photography skills…and party!!
  • Barb…I am excited about so many things…building a house for a family and starting a change in their lives from this Christmas on…we are excited to give them hope for the future…I can’t wait to meet them and love them…I’m also looking forward to seeing some of our friends again…can’t wait to see Santiago and Roberto and ‘most’ of the Robert’s family…I also can’t wait to get a hug from the family who we built the house for last year…they touched our lives and I just want to see them again!!
  • Kerry…a million things…seeing our efforts and money multiplied…spending time with old friends…making new friends…our team being brought together in a way that will last for a lifetime…the drive…the scenery…the beaches…the  culture…the food…
  • Danae…I am excited because I am looking forward to escaping all the materialism of the Christmas season to give a family the Christmas gift of a lifetime.
  • Kyle…I am excited to go to Mexico because I do construction every day but now I have an opportunity to do this for God and for people who are really in need.

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: December 16th, 2009