Clinic Build – Mexico Interns 2009

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mx internsWe started to build today.  It was fairly laid back since we were lacking some materials. We were surprised by Adrian’s punctuality this morning and had to rush in order to get ourselves and our lunch together. We were accompanied by a few children who were at the school during our last build. There are only a few of us but we managed get everything we could done. We’ve have some walls and some roof framing finished. A woman named Maggie came along with some delicious strawberry water to keep us going, it was incredibly refreshing.Lately, we have been quite relaxed around here. Most of us interns went up to San Diego to see off the other group, get a long hot shower, shave their legs and phone their moms. It was a long drive with a relatively sad atmosphere since most of the group was making their way home. We still had a good chat with the men at the military checkpoint and took some great pictures with them. La Bufadora made for some interesting purchases but it was slightly stressful. Our different appearance made us a healthy target for vendors trying to make double the price their items are worth.  We assisted with shuttling everyone to the airport before starting a long only-interns-and-Kim drive back to Vicente Guerrero.  Since then, we had a day-off: BEACH! Where we got covered in sand no matter what (suntanning or rolling in the dunes). We were at the sand dollar beach and we actually saw some dolphins!! The water was amazing as usual and we had fun creating makeshift shelters from the wind and subsequent sand. We watched the beautiful stars that night around a bonfire, a great ending to a great day!The house has a whole new feel now. We have less people to socialize with but are getting to know each other better. We are interacting more and more like a big strange family. All of us are very excited about our goal of getting a clinic into a community who needs it. It’s pretty fun to have this project before the next group comes. Tomorrow’s work day will be topped off with an authentic Mexican fish taco dinner at Amelia’s. Apparently, these will be incomparable to the ones you buy on the street. Its about time to go and mingle with the rest of the people in this lovely house so…Buenas Noches!

Laurisse (Intern – Mexico 2009)

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: August 14th, 2009