A Clinic, A Cement Challenge and a Mud Fight

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hey all 009 Medical clinics commenced today, with the medical team seeing about 40 patients at the worksite. Students helped out by organizing supplies and handing out medication. It was a successful first clinic, with everyone working together. The new school that was started this year is looking good, most of the walls are complete and the roof is well on its way. Participants mixed sweat with water when they hit water level digging the bano. (bathroom pit). Only another 20 inches is needed, and it will be a muddy 20 inches! They stayed cool and exfoliated when mud fights broke loose. At the school worksite that was started last year, students pickaxed through two layers of concrete flooring. With the second story up, additional support is needed, so 4 pillars are being brought into the construction equation. When students broke through the first layer, there were only a few moments of celebration before they realized the second layer underneath. However, progress is rapid as this is a hardworking group. Tonight they are keeping busy with a pool party consisting of handstand competitions, synchronized swimming routines, and tea parties on the pool floor. Music and cheering can be heard throughout the resort. After a long, hot first day, a good nights sleep is needed for another busy schedule coming up tomorrow.

(Thought you might like to see a mud fight)

hey all 027

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: July 28th, 2007