Coffee, Rock Stars, and Thrift Stores

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Recently, our wonderful cross country journey has brought us to a little town called Winkler, in Manitoba. Winkler is your average small town, with plenty of friendly people and fun things to do – except that this specific small town created an environment for one of the most amazing weekends that I’ve had on this tour. Throughout my experience on tour we have met some of the most inspirational and heart warming people, yet for some odd reason a large amount of those people seem to have been pooled together in this little town in Manitoba.
What brought us to Winkler was a man called Hebb, a friend of Mosely, the band currently touring with us, who went out of his way to book this absolutely amazing show around our schedule in order to allow Mosely to play at his youth event. The night of the show, consisting of two local bands and Mosley, kicked off our epic weekend! I see Mosely play almost every single day in front of students in countless schools, but I had never seen them do something like this. They chose the song order, they practiced for hours and hours, and this was 100% them. It was honestly beautiful to see something that they put so much time into finally come to life. The whole time they were on stage I couldn’t stop smiling, and I had this overwhelming feeling of pure joy. I felt so thankful to have such a truly talented and hardworking group of people travelling with me, and even if I told them every single day it would never be enough.
The next day started off with an awesome breakfast made by Hebb, which involved a lot of bacon! It was the first morning in a really long time that we got to sit down, with no plans for the day, no time crunch, and just enjoy ourselves with some new friends. I had almost forgotten what it felt like to have no place to be, and nothing to be doing. It was wonderful to spend a day hanging out at a local coffee shop and fooling around at a thrift store. There is something so freeing about being able to spend long periods of time getting to know people, and doing things that aren’t really productive but are so satisfying. During the tour we meet new people everyday, yet sadly sometimes we don’t get to spend long periods of time getting to truly know them and that’s unfortunate. Luckily on this weekend we got to know this group of epic people and spend time together! It reminded me of the value of a casual conversation, the wonderful feeling you get when you meet people who share common interests with you, and the importance of once and a while not having any responsibility and getting to just hang out and be yourself.
I want to thank the people of Winkler for giving our team amazing memories that we will never forget. Thank you for taking us in and showing us your little bit of Canada; thank you for allowing us to have a weekend without worries and reminding me how beautiful it can be to do nothing. Thank you for sharing your stories and lives with us, and lastly thank you all for being amazing human beings.
Brigitte, LiveDifferent Academy Student, 2012/2013

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: May 9th, 2013