Countless Laughs

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Today was our last show as a team and now we are back in our temporary home; the bus. Behind me I hear loud music, horrible jokes and Luke’s snoring as he is always the first to plant himself on the bed. Tour has been such an unbelievable 3 months. Western Canada treated us well; the billets, the landscapes, the students, and of course Saskatchewan, which the band enjoyed the most. We went whale watching/wave jumping while staying on Vancouver Island, boarding the slopes of Whistler (where I showed up the guys with my mad skill), and many days inside schools. For me, tour has been a learning experience as I found out that patience really is a virtue. I have also become a stronger person, a person that is confident in both my strengths and weaknesses.


luke.jpgI got the opportunity to MC our shows, and being one to take on challenges, I dived in. I also got to share my Mexico Hero Holiday experiences during the shows. At first I doubted myself; the MC is the face of the team and I didn’t think I could be that person. As we completed our first week of shows I remember being so happy I got through it, and within the second and third week I was starting to interact more with the students and be me on stage. Sharing my story about Mexico was the most remarkable feeling in the world. While in Mexico I met a lady named Maria. Her family was the first house build we did and she is such a strong lady. She really made me realize the important things in life. I got to share her story; a story of perseverance, love and hope. Knowing that I was able to take her with me along my journey, allowing others to get to know her and give her a voice meant so much to me. Every day I got a reminder to be thankful for the things I have, and to push hard for those that don’t. I was reminded how Mexico has changed me and that my heart will be there with Maria and her family forever. Although there were many early mornings near the end of tour where I didn’t want to tell my story anymore because it got repetitive, I had to remind myself that people deserve to know Maria and it was my responsibility to share her story. That’s when I sucked it up and put my all into it. After some of the shows, students would come up to me and tell me that they had been moved and they want to help others now too. When I heard that I knew that I had done my job for the day.


kelsey.jpgNow you might think traveling on a bus for hundreds of hours with 8 guys might suck, because I know I did at first, but I had the best adventure of my life so far. We became a family; fighting and loving as a family. We soon found out the secrets of one another, the habits of one another and how to push each other’s buttons. The other girl on our team and our fearless leader, my lovely Dee, made the bus brighter. Her laugh and easy going attitude made our team happy, even when we were hungry, and in the -30 weather in Alberta. With that, I would like to thank the people of Team 1; you guys have made these past 4 months an epic journey with more laughs than I can count. It will be a big change not seeing you guys every morning, but know I will never forget our time spent together.





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Author: LiveDifferent

Date: May 28th, 2010