More Than A House

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This past week was an extra special week for us LiveDifferent Academy students in Mexico because we built a house for Pedro and his family. This was my very first house build and I feel so blessed to have been able to build for this family. Pedro has helped us with previous groups during the building process and was always excellent to have around. His family definitely needed a house. The family consisted of Pedro, his wife, and two parents. The two parents don’t speak Spanish, they only speak Trique. We did our best to learn some simple greetings in Trique and our attempts made everyone laugh. The older mother is so awesome. As small as she is, she tried to help in any way that she could and we caught her trying to hammer nails and lifting ladders. She was absolutely adorable!

On a Wednesday we worked hard to make the concrete pad for the house and on the Monday of the following week we started working our butts off to build this house. We are a small group of girls but with the help of Pedro and Santi, our translator, we are made it through the house build magnificently! The house looks great. The walls is up, the roof is on and we finished strong. We did a lot of cutting, painting, measuring, hammering, pulling out nails, talking in Spanish, and drinking Coke. I am very excited to have gotten to know this family and build them not only a house, but a new home.

~ Written by School of Leadership student, Lisa Gudjonson

Stay tuned for more blogs next week as our LiveDifferent Academy students complete their week long shack experience!


Author: LiveDifferent

Date: October 11th, 2011