Day 2 and 3 on the SOL Build

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SOL Build 10 In the morning we (my famjam) helped the other SOLs with Day 2 of the ambulance build. Day one the SOL’s were very productive building the four walls. I was happy to be back and building. My dad was in heaven, he loves to do projects like this and Luke (my brother) always likes a challenge and loves to build stuff, so it was awesome. Mom and the babies (Holly and Griffin) tagged along to see where we’d be building and to experience the building atmosphere we have while at work. Although the workplace is not a place for children, Holly & Griff loved to play in the huge sand box (the desert road) along side the build. Day 2 we placed the frame of the roof onto the four walls, and started to cover the roof in plywood to start the roofing process; we also cut holes and placed the windows in the walls and screwed the metal in the walls into place. It was a productive day. It is weird but great to have my family here helping out. It’s an awesome mix of home and Mexico all in one. (:SOL Build 8For dinner we ordered 2 JUMBO pizzas which are HUUUUUUGE. Later we watched MegaMind in Spanish at the San Quintin school. It was great to see the kids again! And I am so happy that my family had the opportunity to get to know some of the kids as well. It was a great night!Day 3 of the SOL build didn’t commence until around 10am, YAY! we got to sleep in… kinda. I was up at 7:30am so I guess I didn’t really get to sleep in. Once the work day started we began applying fiberglass panels to the outside walls of the Ambulance station and finishing screwing in the other half of the roof’s plywood. All in all it was another productive day. It’s so cool having my Dad around to help out and I even got to take advantage of his saw-abilities while I was on the roof needing some specially cut pieces of plywood. Luke has been a big help as well! He has been up to doing whatever he can to get the SOL Build 9 job done. Luckily he’s tall so he helped a lot with placing the roof structure on top of the walls of the building. It’s just so awesome having my family here with me in Mexico! After working until about 3 p.m. we returned to the big house where Ma and I started on dinner, Fetticcini Alfredo! I had to run to the store to get a few more veggies and then we began dinner prep. It was so much fun rocking out to Creed and Default while making dinner with my Ma, something I didn’t do enough back home. Once dinner was ready to eat, we waited until Julia, Edwin, Dawn and Anthonie showed up then we began to dig in. Dinner was DELISH!!Later that night Ma, Luke, Nettie, Der, Lee and myself played 6-way dutch blitz, BEST GAME EVER. Because there was six of us, we partnered up and it was a big tourney up to 200. It was soo much fun!Emily, a School of Leadership student living in MexicoSOL Build 7SOL Build 6

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: April 21st, 2011