Day #7 for St. Louis – A Day Off

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Day 7

Day off: February 22, 2011

There were three adults who opted out of the excursions and chose to take the day off to spend as we liked. Following six days of building, touring, meeting new people and learning new ways it was a bit overwhelming to wake up in a fabulous resort with fantastic weather and unlimited refreshments. I’ve always been one to scoff at the people lounging around the pool working on their tans and reading trashy novels, but today I learned that there is something wonderful about having no agenda. First on my list was coffee. Then another, and another. By then it was time to change into a bathing suit. A quick dip in the pool to cool off and then more lounging on the lounger. My comrades decided it was time to check out the shops in the area and left me behind. As they checked out the local shops I checked out the beach. I looked at the waves that local described as, “angry” and decided I didn’t have the gumption to fight them. I laid down my towel and held it down with my body, derriere to the sky and promptly fell asleep. After a time a gentleman came along and tapped me on the shoulder and said, “Madame, you are getting burned, you need to roll over.” So I did. That was the extent of my day.



Today we went out to Monkey Jungle while another group went to Ocean world and swam with the dolphins. Our group got to go zip lining and were able to interact with the monkeys. It was a very fun and exciting experience, something you would never think of doing in Canada. We were all nervous to go down the first zip line, but after that it was a blast. On the 7th zip line there was a 50 ft cave that we dropped straight down in. aunty Reanne chickened out and didn’t jump, but she amazed everyone by zip lining. We then went back and got to go see the monkeys, I “Danielle’ was a chicken and scared for a monkey to land on me, but I sucked it up and fed them. We got back to the resort and met Sean with his raccoon eyes.



Six of us decided to go to Ocean World to swim with the dolphins. We seen fish in a large aquarium, took pictures with tigers, & a bird sanctuary and that was really cool, they came and propped themselves on us and Brittany had probably about 20 birds on her all at once. We had an hour to lay on their man made beach before the dolphin swim. Then it was time for the greatest moment we were all waiting for, ” THE DOLPHIN SWIM”. They jumped over us, we danced with them, fed them, kissed them and they kissed us on the cheek, they clapped, then we got to hold onto their fins and we swam along side them, wow that was fun! Then it was the grand finale and the dolphins swam behind us and each dolphin pushed us by our feet. This adventure made some people overcome their fears and for others it was a check off their bucket list. Woohoo Paulette, you did it!

Courtney & Candace




Author: LiveDifferent

Date: February 24th, 2011