A Day in the Life

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Two friends started out on this adventure by deciding they would join this wonderful team, Making More Change. Now that we are here there is so much more than what we could ever have expected.
Today we went into the village expecting to be mixing cement and trowling mortar. Instead we were placed with a wonderful couple where we had to spend a day in their shoes. We washed dishes,swept and mopped floors, and then prepared a meal with them. All the while learning who they are! We cannot believe how proud and thankful this family was to have us in their home. When we were leaving the father asked us to close our eyes so he could pray for us. Even though we could not understand his words at that time, you could feel they were coming from his heart. As he was thanking us for coming and doing so much for them, all I could say back was “thank you for all you have given us.” 
This trip has opened our eyes in so many ways. Although we have a good few days left we can not wait to see what tomorrow will bring. LiveDifferent will enrich the lives of two Dominican families with a home, but we feel that all of our families will be enriched from our experience. 
– Anne Marie & Lorna, LiveDifferent Hero Holiday Volunteers, Fall 2013

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: October 15th, 2013