Day Two For The University of Ablerta in Mexico

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Hola Bloggers:Lifting first wall Day 2 on the grand adventure was busy! Arrived yesterday to two walls already put together and two more well on their way. Heather, Megan, Noushin, Kelly and Brianna put together the to angled walls and then Megan and Alexandria did some mad skil saw cutting to trim off the top, a task which I failed miserably at on Monday;)  Andrew bought some doughnuts from a local baker (4 dozen!!!) and we managed to choke down a few of those. Soon after we began construction on the inside walls which was surprisingly difficult… definitely have a lot more respect for the guys who put together the other walls:) it involved more swearing and cursing than was probably necessary, as well as some awkward bending… Finally, with Brock’s awesome expertise, Alexandria, Roz and I got hem together. Alexandria hammered her 1st ever nail and did a fantabulous job!Finally we raised the house:-) It involved lots of team work and some thinking on the spot but we got it up and Brianna hadAnother wall goes together the pleasure of using the hilti-gun to attach the house to the cement pad. After lunch we put in the two inner walls and attached them together. Today we will put on the roof and who knows what else…:)Last night we had our 1st-ever movie night at the community school watching Madagascar. There were about 75 people who showed up to watch and after we handed out popcorn to as many kids as we could. A super-successful night!:)It was a pretty relaxed evening after that as we all crawled into bed to be ready for the next day. We’ve just finished breakfast and can’t wait to get going!!!- Group Participant

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: February 24th, 2011