Elle is on the Road with Team 2!

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Elle LiveThe essence of music comes from the dew dripping off of a rainbow, wetting the unicorn’s hooves, deep within the clarity of the sun. It blinds every heart to pursue the truth of new beginnings. Now let me ask you a question: did that make any sense to you? It makes life changing sense…hope your life is changed even before reading this blog!!!Music is an incredible way to communicate a message. We are so pumped to be given the chance to do that through LiveDifferent (formerly Absolute). Elle started with that desire, to use music as a way to reach out. With vocalist Danielle (that’s me), guitarists Graham and Brendan, bassist Justin, and drummer Darryl, all of us have stories to tell through the music we play. With the recent release of our debut album entitled “Light of You,” the band has been working hard to pull everything together so we could hit the road for this four month tour with LiveDifferent (formerly Absolute).Elle first started with Graham and myself about 2 years ago. We began writing and creating our sound. From start to finish, the album took around one year to complete and it was an incredible experience. We recorded in a studio called the Night Deposit in Calgary, Alberta. It was there that our pop rock sound was solidified and we were all very excited about how the album turned out. Now that it’s released, we’re working hard on the road!Our tour began with LiveDifferent (formerly Absolute) at the beginning of February and my have we been having a crazy time! We arrived in Hamilton with a bang! Everyone on the team came down with some weird sicknesses. Darryl is originally from South Africa and he was definitely a frozen little guy; he got incredibly sick. Honestly, one night he started throwing up and it sounded like he was hacking out a small animal. Graham dropped something heavy on his foot and broke his toe. I came down with some kind of skin reaction to bugs or some environmental toxin!! Justin was deathly ill, making noises that would unnerve anybody.It was a hilarious couple weeks. Honestly though, going into the schools and seeing how the students react to our music and our message makes all our sick (not the cool “sick”) experiences worth it. Everything that comes with touring is all worth it when you see things like emails telling us how what we do changed their lives. Those emails and those conversations would cause anyone to be moved with passion to move forward with their dreams.We are so excited for the future of where we will go with this. Every song on our album has a purpose to affect people in positive ways: to make them think, to give perspective, to give hope. We love what we do, and we love that we have an opportunity to do what we love with LiveDifferent (formerly Absolute)

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: March 29th, 2009