Esta es la Llave de mi Casa

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I drop them all the time and I can often forget where I put them. I put one into the ignition of my car countless times while I hold my breath hoping that it will start! I run out the door and use it without even remembering at times, and I find old ones lying around that don’t fit any of the locks in my life. mi-llave-2.jpgKeys have played a part in our lives for over 4000 years. The early Egyptians are credited with first putting them to use, including wooden and metal lock and key combinations. In our modern world, the humble little key has taken on many upgrades and new faces and uses, but always it represents one thing above all others – security. A simple little turn of the key when you leave your house or when you are trying to get your car to start can change the way you feel, relieve your anxiety, and even make you look forward to the day ahead. The key is an unsung hero.marina.jpgThere are often many people who come into our lives that we can learn from, despite how far apart our worlds may feel. Marina is someone like that in Rose’s life. Marina had been adopted by a Canadian/American family that had taken in 18 kids. Rescued from a life of risk and insecurity, she flourished under their love. However, their house was only so big,and so when Marina was old enough, she had to step out into the world on her own, and hope that she was ready. The family wanted to make sure she was taken care of and that she had a chance to make the most of the future in front of her. When Rose went to see her, she knew that she was going to be okay – because of what she kept repeating to them.In that small town of Vicente Guerrero, Mexico, there is a nursing home, Bueno Samaritano. It is full of amazing staff and grateful residents. And behind it, attached to the back side of the large building is a neat and well maintained little house. That day, standing in front of it was Marina, waving at Rose as she held up a key and repeated in Spanish, “This is the key to my house!” It was such a simple statement that held so much pride, hope, and assurance. She was going to be ok. That house was built for her because she is valuable and because she needs someone to believe in her.mi-llave.jpgFor Rose, that simple key gave great insight into what life is like for the families and individuals that we work with through our Hero Holiday program. There is such peace of mind, hope and and assurance that can be brought by holding a key. Life can become more stable, nights can become more restful, and children can be better protected – all because of what that key represents.Next time you hold your house key in your hand, I hope you remember Marina and the countless Marinas around the world who need someone to believe in them and acknowledge that they are worth it. Because they are.To find out more about our Hero Holiday program and how you can be a part of building a home for someone like Marina, check out

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: July 12th, 2011