Everyone has made it home!

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On a previous blog, you would have seen that we were thrown a loop in our travel plans home from the Dominican Republic this July. Due to our flights being canceled out of JFK on July 27th, Hero Holiday found a more creative and yes, longer way to get all of the participants home safe and sound.Our eastern and central Canadian participants took a lovely road trip from New York City to Toronto. I am pretty sure that everyone slept the entire bus ride with the exception of a few snack and washroom stops. The bus pulled up to the Travelodge Dixon on Monday July 28th at 11am. After tears of goodbye and may group hugs everyone went on there way. Not that bad…The western travels had a much more drawn out, but more adventurous trip home. They got to spend the day in New York City, exploring it’s many wonders! On July 29th, all 25 of them flew from JFK to Buffalo then took a coach bus to Travelodge Dixon in Toronto. I met up for lunch with them and loved hearing their NYC stories. That night some of the less tired travelers went to watch a Blue Jay game. Early the next morning the team split with some going to Vancouver and others going to Edmonton. I am pleased to announce that everyone made it home in one piece!Thank you to parents for your co-operation and understanding as were worked hard to get your sons and daughters home. International travel can make things complicated but I think we worked out all the kinks.

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: August 1st, 2008