The first 2009 house in Mexico is complete!

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After three short days on the jobsite… the house is completed!  The group from Hinton (and Parksville) have wowed the community with their diligent work ethic. 

Today was a holiday here in Mexico – THREE KINGS.  Most of us took the day off and went to the beach, while a few assisted Juan (the brother of Roberto – the guy we are building a house for) in his desperate seach for medical care.  When we were introdued to Juan, he could hardly even stand on his own two feet because he was so weak.

 Tomorrow we will be shopping for the family and having a dedication ceremony.  It will be a pretty special day.  Our shopping list consists of:

  • a queen bed for mom and dad and baby
  • 2 single beds for the children
  • bedding
  • a dresser for clothes
  • wiring for lights and plugins (the government just announced that they will be servicing this community with electricity!)
  • groceries
  • a propane tank
  • 4 chairs
  • and a few special gifts for the children

There is a crowd of participants reading over my shoulder as I type this… they said that they will NOT be going home on Saturday…  Not sure what you parents will think of this, but we would be more than happy to keep them!

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: January 7th, 2009