First Few Days of St. Louis Hero Holiday

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Day 1

TOTALLY AMAZING! As you can see in all the pictures. We went to tour around a few different villages and seen about 6 schools. All we can say is “totally amazing”!! The first village “La Union” and was so totally awesome, it was our first encounter with the children. It was so cool to see how these children clung to all of us, even though we were strangers to them. They held our hands and gave us hugs. It was an amazing feeling to hold a Childs hand and feel the warmth and bond you now have within your first 5 minutes. Off to the school in Arroyo Seco where we met Garcia, who pretty much made this community to what it is today. So amazing how one man can have a dream and with a little help from Hero Holiday can follow through and build a complex which holds a school, church & community center.

NEXT onto meeting the two families that we will be helping in Auga Negra, it was an eye opening experience. SO UNBELIEVABLY SAD TO SEE THEIR EVERYDAY LIVING CONDITION WITH A BIG SMILE STILL ON THEIR FACES. We are now looking forward to Day 2 to see the progress begin!


Day 2

NO SUCH THING AS CLEAN CLOTHES FOR US ANYMORE AND IT FEELS GREAT! Heading straight into work such as mixing cement, hauling cinder blocks & wood, transporting pails and pails of “concreto” back and forth from house 1 & 2. Amazing site to see! Lots of neighbours around to lend a hand, and the support they show for one another is incredible. By the end of today the houses had really progessed and we are looking forward to what Day 3 has instore.

P.S. sunscreen is our new best friend!

P.S.S. Quick question for Sean. How was your 1 hour massage? You barely even broke a sweat! LOL.


Stay tuned for Day 3!

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: February 18th, 2011