The Flexico Life!

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Tuesday, May 24thToday we lived the Flexico life…(Translation – Flexible Mexicans). The day started off with our bus breaking down on the way to build. But most of us used the time to get to know each other better and some even played in the streets with their football…don’t worry, the elders reminded them of what mom would say. Despite arriving at the house late, we accomplished a lot…painting the interior, the shower room & the bano, putting windows in and building beds. We decided to take off early and head to the beach (despite the fact that it was cool and really windy). It was a nice break from the hard work we have been doing the past 3 days. After that we headed back to have the most delicious fajitas made by Dawn & Julia. Then we headed back out to San Quintin (where we are building)to watch “How to Train a Dragon” with all the children. However, the day wouldn’t have been complete without one last adventure…where Andrew found the one wet piece of land in San Quintin to drive the bus over & get stuck. We have so many young men on the trip that they were almost able to push it out…but we ended up getting towed despite their efforts. Today was definitely a day of unknowns and ADVENTURE!Dallas Johnson

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: May 25th, 2011