Flooding in Mexico

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 In the past few weeks Mexico has experienced tropical rain storms that have resulted in mass flooding and serious damage.  The common site here a couple of weeks ago was flooded roads and collapsed bridges on the main highway, houses swept away in the rush or ‘new’ rivers, and several flooded schools and some makeshift school buildings were even blown away / flattened completely.We have been in Mexico  for less then a week and have been helping at a few schools that were constructed in the middle of a river bed. On Saturday we worked along side the Mexican military digging out fences, and cleaning out two one room schools. We mopped the floors, cleaned the walls and cleaned toys.  Unfortunately, due to all the water damage we had to throw away alot of the lesson plans and the kids’ work books as well as their school supplies.It is incredible to see how the weather can cause so much damage, so quick.School of Leadership Students – Spring 2010

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: February 2nd, 2010