Full of Anticipation

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sol-girls.jpgToday is September 2th and normally around this time I would be counting down the days until school starts again. I would probably be stressing about getting my parking pass and buying all my textbooks which we all know is extremely enjoyable! But instead I am sitting in my living room in Zapata, Mexico still not fully believing that I am finally here. The smell of fresh food cooking over the stove is creeping its way to my side of the room as Kristen and Hailee prepare our first home cooked meal. I look outside at the sun slowly kissing the tops of the green trees and it’s a sight of beauty that takes me away for a short moment. To describe how I’ve been feeling the last few days is more of a challenge than usual for me. It’s a lot different than I thought it would be that’s for sure! The house I have the pleasure of living in for four months is like a piece of heaven compared to the rest of our sandy town which is centered around the one main road. Yesterday we went out to one of the schools, Pasao San Quintin Primary, to meet some of the children and as soon as we arrived in Gus, the van, the children knew that school was over for the day! Instantly we saw a bunch of heads pop out from the doorway and a few kids came to greet us at the van doors. A little girl gave me a huge smile and right away I felt my heart fill with warmth as I took her hand in mine. The next moment I was running around the school playing with the children who had energy bursting out everywhere; talk about a work out for me! If I wasn’t spinning someone in circles, I was running around giving piggy back rides! But that hour was the most fun ever and I LiveDifferent (formerly Absolute)ly cannot wait to go back there! This next week we will be going back but this time it won’t be all fun and games; well it will be but first we have to start with teaching an English lesson! How we are going to be going about this I’m not 100 % sure, but I do know that it will be very interesting and will be made possible with the help of our translator Santi! Also in this next week we will be going to help at Bueno Samaritano nursing home which will be interesting going from interacting with the children to the elders of this community. I’m looking forward to all of the experiences here in Mexico. Every night feels like the feeling you get on Christmas Eve; you want to sleep so badly but its seems like an impossible task because you’re full of anticipation for the next day!Britney, a School of Leadership Student living in Mexico

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: September 2nd, 2011