GBC – Building Day 4 / What a sight!- Mexico

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This morning we woke up to some unpleasant surprises. Yesterday was a
day of many flavors, and not all of them quite so delicious. We had some
new and exciting types of icees including mango chile and jalapeno!
For dinner we ventured to the taco stand where Miranda, Bruce, Meghan
and Christine were brave enough to try the grilled jalapenos which,
they would tell you, is quite the experience to say the least. All
that to say, most of us woke up with rumbly tummies and fried
tastebuds. Our mission for the day: finish the house. Our walls were
up, rooms made and windows cut. All we had to do was nail siding on
the inside walls, trim the door and windows, install the door and
windows and – oh yes, paint. Lots and lots of paint. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to complete all we needed to
but we will get er done asap.

 cemetery pic gbc
A few days ago we had an unforgettable experience that we didn’t get a
chance to blog about and share with you. A friend of ours, Santiago,
lives here in Mexico and is helping with the build and providing us
with many laughs along the way. On Monday, a dear friend of his and
his wife lost their baby daughter to sickness due to being born
prematurely in a developing country where they unfortunately do not
have the technology and care we are blessed with in North America. We
had the unique opportunity to bless the family by easing their burden
in the process of digging her grave. So, after work on Monday we
traveled on our trusty bus to the cemetery to begin. What a sight.
Each grave that we looked at had huge memorials to the loved one laid
to rest there. It was not uncommon to see some with huge fences,
cement walls and gates surrounding the graves to keep them safe. When
we discovered that the grave would take longer than we thought the
decision was made that Bruce, Darren, Shane (one other person helping
us out with our build) and Santiago would stay and finish. The whole
experience hit everyone in a different way, but equally hard.

We are scheduled to finish the house, furnish it and dedicate it to
the family tomorrow.  We can’t wait to see what is in store for us in these next couple of days.

From Mexico,
Meghan and Lauren (for everyone else!)

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: July 9th, 2009