Goodbye Cap Haitian!

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Today was a busy day. We started the day off nice and early by going to the Citadel, the largest fortress in the western hemisphere. It was not your typical adventure, we had to take an hour and a half honkey ride up a mountain, yes honkey, not a horse and not quite a donkey, but a honkey. As we broke through the forest we looked up and saw this massive structure at the peek of the mountain top. The tour guides, through broken English, were able to give us a lot of interesting information about the site, but also let us explore on our own. Half way through our tour we stopped for lunch; standing on the very highest point of the fort was decided this would be a good spot to bust out the pizza! At the end of our tour we were pretty excited about all the cool things we got to see. Then we remembered about the hour and a half honkey ride to the bottom. With sore bottoms and strained knees we continued our tour to the bottom of the mountain through the rest of the ruins.In the evening we took the bittersweet last walk up the mountain to the school to distribute some of our donations. Said a goodbye to the community we have grown to love and eat some cake. After they thanked us for coming and doing the work that we did we showed off our high class talents by preforming the hokey pokey. When the laughter of confused looks were over with we handed out donations. With never doing this in Cap Haitien we did not really know what to expect. It is truly hard to explain the sheer desperation you witness during these events. People pushing and shoving, dirty looks thrown to one another just at the off chance of receiving something as insignificant to us as a hat. It’s hard to believe these are the same loving people we only met the other day. Once the chaos was settled we had to say our final goodbyes. But we left happy knowing that every family in the community got at least one thing. But most of all we left with them having a school!!!By Chad and Liz

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: May 8th, 2011