Grace Baptist Mexico 2012 – Day 1 Mexico

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Our fun group of 30 arrived safe and sound at the LiveDifferent compound in Mexico (okay admittedly with a few sunburns already!) and after 2 full days of travelling by bus, we pretty much immediately headed straight out to meet the families we are building for. Unfortunately one of the families was not around at the time, but we did get to meet the other one… Loudes, a single mom and her 3 sons.

inside house

They graciously allowed us to ask them numerous questions, and take some pictures and even tour their current home… a small shelter built mostly out of sticks, cardboard and plastic.  There was only one single mattress where we guess the mom and two younger children sleep, and then a blanket laid out on the dirt floor where we assume the older son sleeps. When asked about their hopes and dreams for the future, the mom indicated (with a tear in her eye) that she hoped that she could feed her children and give them an education… pretty humbling as those are things we definitely take for granted back in Canada. 


Tomorrow we look forward to meeting the second family and getting started on building the homes and really getting to know all of them better. It was fun to see our youth already connecting through playing soccer and throwing Frisbees with the kids… a big part of our plans while here as well!!

​Allison – LiveDifferent Hero Holiday Volunteer, Mexico 2012

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: July 16th, 2012