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The first day here in Mexico was an education and orientation day. One of the objectives of this program is to educate our participants on why poverty exists and give them a greater understanding of the challenges that two-thirds of the world faces. Becky did a great job teaching us about the culture, why education is difficult to access; explained about displaced people groups and also gave some background on the family we are building the home for. We visited the family for whom we are building the home and then we stopped for lunch at the site of an old shipwreck. But…not before visiting the site of the great soccer competition. These Mexican kids are pretty good with a soccer ball. I hear they can kick some serious butt!

IMGP0381 IMGP0395

IMGP0384 IMGP0388

Today was our first work day. We have all fallen in love with this family and their children. I already know it will be hard to say good-bye. They are with us thoughout the day. I feel honoured to be a part of their world even for such a short time. They have welcomed us with open arms. One of the boys was colouring a picture. Of all the pictures he chose to colour, he chose a house. He painted it red, just like his new home. He has been given hope. The wind was quite fierce in the afternoon, so I wasn’t able to take pictures of how far we got today. The dust was incredible. I am still digging it out of my ears! I can’t believe how much progress we made. We’ve got a team of talented carpenters on our hands!

Here is a photo of the current home:


In the back yard, there are banana trees and a yard full of cactus. (Or is it cacti?!) I never knew you could eat those, but apparently so!


Here are the newly trained workers!


Hero Holiday would not be the same without the digging of a bano pit!


Author: LiveDifferent

Date: August 8th, 2007