Hearing from our Hero’s – Mexico

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Female, 17, BCI met a girl named Maria and we played a clapping game today. I enjoyed communicating with her through games, gestures and just being together. Female, 17, ABIt really moved me to see all the kids, waving at us and being so happy. They have so little, ad yet they are happier than so many people that have everything and more. We can learn a lot from them. Male, 16, BCWhat has impacted me is how much the family has given us, even when they have so little. They made us tamales, tacos, brought us coke and freezies. It moved me to see how happy they were even though they had so little.Female, 16, ABWe interviewed a family today, and the mom was telling us how they would go without food for a day or two. And the day before they made us fresh donuts. We are not even building a house for them. They have a daughter who has a disability and a probem with her nervous system. They are think that she may die in a few months because they can not afford the medicine for her. (PS, Mom, it’s me. I like potatoes!) Male, 17, ABI thought it was pretty cool when we were loading up to go into the bus an the family sat over on the side. They were all calm and just waiting for us to leave. When they thought we couldn’t see them anymore, they bolted into the house, just to check it out. And it was pretty cool to have the 80 year old lady carrying buckets of dirt with me. Male, 16, ABThe highlight of my trip has been watching their oldest son chase around the green beetles and finally watching one and catching his eyes light up as he tied it to a string and flew it like a kite. It amazes me how much entertainment you can get from something so little. Female, 18, ABSomething that shocked me was hearing that the minimum wage here was $8/day when it is over $8/hr back in AB.Female, 16, ABSo I met this really cute neighbor girl. For as little as all the families have, they all seem so happy. It makes me realize how lucky I am and I am so thankful for being on this trip to help. Peace out. Female, 17, BCSomething that has struck me here is that I can see the poverty. And you can see it right next to the wealth. Every second is a reality check, a comparison between my life and the lives of so many people. I find it so amazing that people with so much wealth can be so unhappy and there are people with nothing who are happy.

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: August 22nd, 2008