Hero Holiday Thailand

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Sa-wad-dee kaa & Sa-wad-dee khrab,

We have made it safely to Chiang Mai, Thailand! We arrived on Tuesday, March 13, after about 24 hours of constant travel.

Instead of going to bed when we arrived, we went into the city on a wild scavanger hunt where we had to try to learn how to barter very quickly. We had to find things from flowers to carrot peelers and do things from climbing a city gate to riding a tuk-tuk (it’s kind of like a taxi… or a bicycle… or both, I guess). Everyone had a great time, and we met some really great people.

Day two consisted of mopping and dusting (and some of us even swept the lawn… yes, swept) at an amazing mansion that is being used to help give young women an alternative to dangerous occupations. They run a culinary school and help these women find jobs at local cafes and resturants.

In the evening of day two some of our participants had a great opportunity to try out as extras in the new Rambo movie which is being filmed nearby. We’ll let you know if they made the cut.

The rest of our group went shopping at the night market here in Chiang Mai. Streets are lined with vendors selling everything from hand carved candle holders to Thai boxing shorts to “rolex” watches (we’re not so sure they’re real). I won’t tell you how much these things cost because you’re probably going to get something from this market, and we want you to think that gift was expensive!

For all the family members and friends that are reading this, be sure that your loved ones are safe and having an awesome time. We’ll keep you posted.

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: March 15th, 2007