Hero Network Members in Action

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On each of our Hero Holidays, participants have a chance to become a member of our Hero Network. The Hero Network is a collection of people who are passionate advocates and champions for LiveDifferent (formerly Absolute).org’s cause. The Hero Network exists to cheer each other on and to motivate each other through communication, opportunities and support. Once becoming a member, participants commit to the following:

  1. Not to go back to “normal” life.
  2. Always remember the plight of the poor.
  3. Do whatever is in my power to help those that need it.
  4. Continually educate myself on issues facing our world.

2009-07-14-snap-chantal-labonte-sudbury-on-pg2.jpgSince the start of the school year, it has been exciting to hear all that amazing things our 34 members have been doing in their local communities. Many have contacted their local newspapers and got their stories of the summer out for everyone to hear, or made sure that their school had our high school presentation, Think Day, visit for all the students to hear our life changing message, others have gotten involved in all kinds of social justice programs offered at their school. One common theme among our members is that they can not just sit back and do nothing.One student who I would like to highlight is Chantal. Chantal is the kind of student you meet and know she has a heart of 2009-07-14-snap-chantal-labonte-sudbury-on.jpggold. She is full of compassion and truly loves to help those in need. Since traveling to the Dominican this past summer, Chantal has gone home with a passion in her heart and memories of those she met and helped during her travels. She has used this as fuel in stepping out raising $400 through a garage sale fund raiser for a community project in the Dominican Republic. She does not plan to stop there and has many other fund raisers to come. Feel free to click on the attached news articles to read all about her exploits.A BIG Thank you to Chantal and all of our Hero Network members who have worked really hard to reach all of their goals.”Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try”.If you are interested in becoming a Hero Network member please email:

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: October 23rd, 2009