Hit the Road

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Well the time has come to hit the road and we’ve sure had a crazy few weeks on tour so far! There have been many long days of driving and getting up early but it has been worth it. Team 1 has ventured from Northern Ontario to Manitoba and back already, but after a quick stop back in Southern Ontario, we will be doing the east coast of Canada! This means going to Quebec, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and New Brunswick.
It is so cool to be able to travel across Canada and see our great country. Along the way we have stayed at billet’s houses and they have been so kind and generous to let us stay in their homes. We appreciate it so much and are very thankful for their hospitality – especially for there amazing home cooked meals – it has been such a treat to not have to buy groceries and make supper for myself. Also we are always being entertained whether it is going on hiking trips, hay bale climbing, quading, hot tubbing, movies, or games. Probably my favourite part of billeting at people’s houses is getting to know them and having good conversations.
We have had a lot of amazing shows and have had some great feedback from students and teachers. It is awesome to see that we are making an impact in schools and motivating students to get involved. Our team has been working very hard and it is really showing, we were able to finish set up in 40 minutes at a school. It was our best set up time yet! I am so proud of my team and couldn’t feel luckier to be able to spend the next three months with them. Over a very short period of time we have all become very close and comfortable with each other and it is awesome.
I have had the opportunity to have some great conversations with students. There were some times when I would have students coming up to me almost in tears and thanking me for sharing my story and saying how they related to it. I feel so honoured and privileged to be able to share my story on stage, and when I see how my story can impact people’s lives and give them hope to be able to get through their issues and know that they are not alone. It motivates me everyday to spread the message about kindness and how it has the effect to change people’s lives. I am also learning so much about myself as I take this 9 month journey and I am excited to see what kind of person I will be at the end of it. It is such an amazing experience and I couldn’t feel more happier or blessed to be a part of LiveDifferent. 
Taylor – LiveDifferent Academy Student, Fall 2013

Author: LiveDifferent

Date: October 23rd, 2013